5 Reasons Why Your Battery Is Draining Fast

5 Reasons Why Your Battery Is Draining Fast

Smartphones have become a daily part of our lives. Smartphones are replacing computers and laptops now. Similar to computer programs we have apps for almost everything that we can do on computers. We have become dependent on our smartphones that we can’t even imagine to live without them even for a single day.


So while the latest smartphones are powerful enough to do almost all the essential tasks they all lack in providing a great battery backup. Here are some of the most common reasons why your smartphone’s battery drains very fast:

  1. Wireless Communications

While many of us don’t care about having Bluetooth and WiFi radio ON for the whole day, these wireless communications including NFC, GPS do consume a lot of battery when all are switched on for a long duration.

Your phone will also drain a lot of its battery power looking for strong network signal when you’re travelling or are in an area with no or poor network connectivity.

So, remember to turn off all radio when not in use and put your phone in airplane mode if possible when you are in an area with no signal to save precious battery juice.

2. Display Brightness and Timeout

Your phone’s display and its settings consume a significant portion of the battery juice. The same can be observed by checking ‘Battery Usage’ section under Settings.

So if you want to conserve some battery, then you should adjust its timeout interval and brightness settings. The shorter its timeout duration and lower the brightness, the longer will be the battery life.

3. Your Usage Style

Gaming, videos, data browsing, stop using too many unnecessary apps for customizing the feel of your phone. While this might sound weird to you, as I’m asking you to not use any apps for setting fancy live wallpapers with parallax effects, for enabling gesture support while the display is turned off, for enabling customized voice commands, etc.

You have got to think that these apps don’t run on air. They use the processor along with an array of sensors for providing such functionalities and hence end up eating a lot of battery power. So if you can do away with the urge to heavily customize your phone, then I would advise you get rid of these apps for improving battery life.

4. Presence of Rogue Apps

Go to Battery usage section in settings and find out the battery consumed by each app. This will give you a pretty clear idea about the apps consuming a significant portion of the battery use.

5. Mobile Data and Auto Sync

While browsing the internet on a WiFi network doesn’t affect battery life much, using the internet on mobile data, especially 3G and 4G eat up battery life like anything. Also auto sync used for syncing various services at regular intervals of time also eats a lot of battery power.

So if possible then you should either set auto sync to sync at longer duration or turn it off (if you can do it manually).

These are the top 5 reasons why your mobile’s battery is draining faster than it should. If you know of some other reasons that are responsible for sucking the precious juice out of your phone’s battery, then please do share them in the comments below.



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